New Oakland police sex misconduct scandal

The Oakland Police Department said today that it's conducting an internal affairs administrative investigation into an allegation that one of its employees engaged in misconduct in the workplace when the employee was off-duty.

Police said the allegation was made on May 27 but did not disclose the nature of the alleged misconduct or when it occurred.

In a statement, Oakland police said, "At this time, there is no indication the alleged misconduct involves any criminal violations."

In what they said is an unrelated matter, Oakland police said they discovered narcotics inside a locked cabinet during a cleaning of an office area in the workplace last Sunday.

Police said it was determined that the narcotics were in their original sealed packaging and all contents were accounted for.

They said they are conducting an internal affairs administrative investigation and a criminal investigation into the incident.

In a third incident, Oakland police said Officer Marcos Gocobachi was arrested in Richmond at about 1 a.m. last Saturday on suspicion of domestic assault.

Police said the criminal investigation into that matter is being conducted by the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office.

The disclosure of the recent incidents comes after U.S. District Court Judge Thelton Henderson earlier this week ordered Oakland officials to appear in his court on July 10 to explain why the Police Department did a poor job of investigating a sexual exploitation scandal involving the teenage daughter of an Oakland police dispatcher.