No charges in wild somersault crash in San Francisco

Prosecutors have declined to file charges against two people arrested in connection with a dramatic crash in San Francisco, which involved a stolen vehicle that careened down a staircase and landed upside down.

According to the San Francisco District Attorney's Office, the charges have been discharged at this time, citing the need for further investigation and unavailability of witnesses.

The arrests took place on Tuesday, on suspicion that the two were allegedly involved in a chaotic crash that started as a carjacking at 19th and Dolores streets.

The victim, a man, told police that unknown suspects approached him while he was seated in his car and stole his car.

Shortly after the carjacking, the stolen vehicle smashed through a barrier on a dead-end street, flipping as it plummeted down a steep hill and staircase, eventually landing on its hood on Sanchez Street.


New images from aftermath of wild SF crash

More images have emerged from the crash of an allegedly stolen car landing upside down after crashing down a staircase.

Following the crash, several occupants emerged from the wreckage and were spotted fleeing up the Sanchez Stairs before emergency responders arrived at the scene.

The falling car tore apart a tree, where pedestrians had been crossing moments before.