'No confidence' in Contra Costa Co. district attorney

One day after a grand jury recommended he be removed for office, there are more problems for Contra Costa County District Attorney Mark Peterson. 

His own deputies are speaking out against him. 

Peterson admitted back in December that he had spent more than $66,000 in campaign funds on personal expenses and in January, the state fined Peterson $45,000. 

On Friday a seven-member panel of the county's Deputy District Attorney Association issued a vote of no confidence and wants the rest of the 90-member union to follow suit. 

A deputy D.A. says Peterson's problems are making it difficult to function in and out of the courtroom. 

"His actions affect ongoing trials in the following way: Jurors read the paper, our credibility as attorneys is important," said Aron DeFarrari from the Contra Costa County District Attorney's Office. 

Peterson faces no criminal charges. We reached out to him for his response. The D.A.'s office told KTVU it has no comment at this time.