North Bay residents get free water saving kits

Residents in the North Bay will be offered free water saving kits this weekend as other cities around the Bay Area have also clamped down on water use. 

The kits include a bucket to catch water for re-use, a low-flow shower head, a 5-minute shower timer, and other water-saving tools.

They will be available at several sites across Sonoma and Marin counties 8 a.m. to noon on Saturday

Troubling drought conditions have been apparent throughout the entire state this year. 

California's reservoirs are so low from a historic drought that regulators warn it's possible the state's water agencies could get nothing from them next year.

Bay area counties have been working to improve water conservation, including Pleasanton which passed a 15% water reduction earlier this week. And San Jose also announced they will be restricting residents from watering outdoors to twice a week.