The Marin Water District has a new drought plan

Despite above normal levels in its reservoirs, Marin County is not waiting for things to get worse. The Marin water district has come up with a new updated conservation plan to help guide its customers through this drought.

California is likely in for another dry winter

California is just three days into its new water year and the outlook is grim. But, note this: long term weather, anything over 10 days is more about making an educated guess than pure science. Nonetheless, water managers and weather watchers continue to make them, as their skills and technologies slowly improve them. California just capped off the driest three years in state history, experts are predicting yet another dry year.

Heat domes and heat waves take more water from reservoirs

With California's 5 largest mega-reserviors only 35% full, well under where they should be this time of year, water loss is an issue water suppliers are deeply concerned with. As it relates to water, we're starting to get the first tastes of what dangers lurk in a warmer, changing and climate confused environment.

Saltwater pushes its way into California's waterways

Saltwater from the ocean is moving farther into California's freshwater rivers and streams. Jacob McQuirk, an engineer with the Department of Water Resources, talks about how climate change is contributing to this dynamic.

North Bay water agencies promote conservation during the heat spell

The recent hot spell that has hit the Bay Area has magnified the need for one of our most precious resources: water. Whether it’s used for keeping a lawn healthy and green, or for staying hydrated while out in the sun, water in the Bay Area is a resource that is no longer as abundant as it used to be.

Turning recycled water into wine

A Petalum winery has found that using recycled water may be the best way to sustain its vineyard without another reliable access to water. KTVU's Mark Tamayo reports.

Drought impact on wildlife

California's prolonged drought is taking a toll on wildlife across the state. Experts tell KTVU that many animals are struggling to find water and food, which has prompted them to shift their behavior or migration patterns to survive.

Family-owned ranch adapts to water shortage

The McEvoy Ranch in Petaluma produces olives and other crops. To survive amid a drier and drier environment, the ranch has been introducing techniques to conserve water and remain viable.

Kern County bear roams Von's parking lot

A bear was seen on video footage aimlessly wandering the parking lot of a Von's grocery store in Kern County. The footage taken at Lake Isabella's Kern Valley Plaza was shared on social media on Monday.