North Texas teen's texts with her mom about "drugs" go viral

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A text message exchange between a North Texas teen and her mother is going viral after the mom found “drugs” in her daughter’s room.

The conversation begins with Ashley Banks, of Bedford, asking her mom if she can put a calculator needed for SAT testing in the mailbox.  Her mother says sure and asks where the calculator may be. Ashley says it’s most likely in her nightstand or in the game room.

To her mother’s surprise, she finds a small bag of colorful pills in Ashley’s room.

In typical motherly fashion, Ashley’s mom freaks out. She tells Ashley, “What are these? Ashley Carol I will not have drugs in my house. Come home right now. As soon as your dad comes home from California we will discuss your consequences.”

Her mom adds Ashley needs to come home right away since she is grounded and will not be leaving the house.

With crying-from-laughter emojis and all, Ashley tells her mom the capsules are not drugs and tells her to go put them in the water.

It turns out the “drugs” were actually capsules that grow into animal shapes when placed in water (typically found at a dollar store).

With a picture of the drugs-turned-dinosaurs in a bowl of water, Ashley’s mom tells her she doesn’t have to come home and reminds Ashley how old she is.

“Why in the Earth would you buy these? I thought you were 16 not 7,” her mom wrote.

"idk they looked cool,” Ashley replied.

Since Ashley posted images of the texts on her Twitter account, it’s been shared more than 35,000 times.

“She’s fine with it now and thinks it’s funny,” Ashley told Buzzfeed.

Ashley said her mom thought people would laugh at her, but she’s come around after reading supportive comments online about the exchange.