Nutritionist: Pizza healthier breakfast than cereal

Captain Crunch or Papa John's? Fruit Loops or Dominoes? 

Those might sound like strange questions, but the answers could change morning routines for you or your children.

Some cereals may be "magically delicious," but a New York nutritionist says a slice of pizza could be a more nutritional way for kids to start the day.

Chelsey Amer says a slice of pizza contains more fat, but less sugar than most cereals, and an average slice and a bowl of milk contain about the same amount of calories.

Pizza slices also contain more protein, which means pizza will hold your appetite down and not give you a crash from coming off a "sugar high." 

Amer says she's not advocating pizza as your usual breakfast staple. Rather, she's just pointing out pizza as a better option.

Better than both? Amer suggests Greek yogurt with fruit, or oatmeal with cinnamon.

FOX 5 reported this story from Atlanta.