Oakland Ceasefire night walk: Faith leader says 'The streets belong to peace'

Drivers along International Boulevard in East Oakland waved and honked their horns in support of a ceasefire "night walk." Volunteers with different faith organizations and community members walked through this East Oakland neighborhood holding signs to raise awareness about gun violence.

"We want folks to know that the streets belong to peace," said Brian Woodson, with Faith in Action East Bay.

Woodson said these walks are important because being visible in high crime areas might encourage someone to reach out for help.

"We want those who have beefs, who have anger who have guns, put those guns down and find a way to work it out. And we’re here to help," said Woodson.

The Oakland Ceasefire strategy includes three main goals:

Reducing gang shootings.

Decreasing incarceration and recidivism.

And strengthening police and community relations.

A shooting last Sunday marked the city’s 63rd homicide this year.

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Organizers say there are too many people dying, and too many people in prison. They want to build a culture of healing…and let people know there are resources out there if they need help.

Patty Hall with Faith and Action said, "I’m from Oakland and I want it to be a safe place for everyone to be able to enjoy."