Oakland Coliseum mass vaccination site is one of 100 Biden promised to open

The Oakland Coliseum mass vaccination center is one of 100 sites staffed by federal personnel that President Biden promised in his first 100 days in office. And it will open for business on Tuesday. 

The site is located in one of the Bay Area's most socially disadvantaged county populations. Officials said they want to make sure communities are treated fairly and have access to vaccines.

A similar is also opening up on Tuesday in underserved areas in Los Angeles County.

For now, the Coliseum mass vaccination site is inoculating Alameda County residents 65 years or older, front line workers, long-term care providers, and educators with appointments. Eligible residents can schedule an appointment here

The site will administer 6,000 vaccinations a day, seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

"That vaccine is not part of the state's normal allocation. It's above and beyond that. So, it won't impact vaccine going to the counties toward other requirements," said acting FEMA Administrator Bob Fenton. 

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With its own vaccine supply, the Coliseum site alone could administer more than 180,000 vaccinations a month. That means all of Alameda County could potentially be vaccinated in nine months.

But many other sites, such as pharmacies, hospitals, and county vaccination centers have faced serious hurdles as it pertains to vaccine supply and distribution. 

"This week we're guaranteeing 11 million vaccines per week and that will only go up each and every week," said Fenton.

Eventually, access to the site could be extended to those outside Alameda County.

"It would be our desire to expand this out to a broader audience in more counties," said Mark Ghilarducci, director of the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services.

Another option is to put more mass vaccination sites like the Oakland Coliseum location, elsewhere. 

"We've actually been working on plans to be able to amplify and build out additional sites as required," said Ghilarducci.

Biden's chief medical adviser, Dr, Anthony Fauci, said anyone who wants a vaccination will be able to get one by April.