Oakland firefighters rescue 2 people who fell from roof into steep ravine

25 firefighters performed a high risk rescue in the Oakland hills on Monday.

Firefighters rescued two people that fell from a roof and down a steep ravine in the Oakland hills on Monday.

Oakland Latino Firefighters said the high-risk rescue happened around 8:00 a.m. in the 7100 block of Thorndale Drive. The rescue required 25 firefighters to bring the two to safety.

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The injured had fallen approximately 75 feet down the hill, authorities said. 

"This was a phenomenal team effort under incredible challenging circumstances," said Chief Reginald Freeman. 

Oakland firefighters rescued two people who fell off a roof and down a steep hill on Monday.

A high risk rescue, with a successful outcome, thanks to 25 Oakland firefighters.

Freeman said the highly trained firefighters rendered care to the victims immediately before safely bringing them back up the hill to an ambulance.

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Both injured patients were transported to a local hospital, according to authorities. They experienced moderate injuries, including broken bones, but are in stable condition.

It's unclear why they were on the roof, and how they fell off.