Oakland man sentenced to 12 years after 2 of 3 murder charges dropped

An Oakland man once accused of three murders was sentenced to 12 years in prison for the death of one man in 2008 on Thursday after the Alameda County District Attorney had dropped other charges, when a confidential informant said they wouldn't testify at trial. 

Delonzo Logwood, 33, will head to state prison for the 2008 shooting death of Eric Ford, 22. He received credit for the nearly eight years he’s been jailed in the case. Pleading no contest to voluntary manslaughter allowed Logwood, who has been jailed awaiting trial since 2015, to accept punishment for the crime while maintaining his innocence.

Logwood has said he is innocent in all three cases.

DA Pamela Price had dismissed charges in the separate 2008 shooting deaths of Richard Carter, 30, and Zaire Washington, 24, when a confidential informant, CL, said they wouldn't testify at trial. 

Price said prosecutors under the previous administration of Nancy O'Malley overcharged Logwood when he was arrested in 2015. 

Also this week, a recall committee has been formed to spearhead the campaign to remove Price from office. On Tuesday, organizers of "Save Alameda for Everyone (SAFE): Recall DA Price" submitted campaign finance paperwork to the county's election office, a necessary step to initiate fundraising.