Oakland police release video of Internal Affairs sergeant shooting armed suspect

WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO: Oakland police have released a compilation of surveillance videos the day an Internal Affairs sergeant shot and killed an armed man.

The video, made public on Friday, shows mostly what was already known when Sgt. Sven Hamilton killed Lloyd Dillard, 52, at 16th Street and San Pablo Avenue near City Hall on Nov. 7.

Dillard is seen approaching Hamilton's unmarked car, tapping on his trunk with what police described as a gun and then raising his arm to shoot at the officer about 4 a.m. 

This footage is grainy and taken at a distance. 

Police said that Hamilton shot back with his service weapon. 

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The video shows Dillard falling to the sidewalk. 

The nearly 5-minute video is edited with written police explanations about what transpired and also includes audio where Hamilton is heard calling dispatch and asking calmly for a field supervisor. 

"Hey, this is Sgt. Hamilton. I'm at OPD. I just had a guy pull a gun on me. He's down. Shots have been fired," Hamilton is heard saying, adding that he needs medical assistance to arrive. 

Police said aid was provided but Dillard died on scene.

The video comes from surveillance cameras on the street. 

IA investigators do not wear body camera videos. 

In the video, Oakland police showed the gun they said they recovered from Dillard at the scene.