Oakland police say 1 killed at gas station, 4 others injured in 'targeted' shooting

A total of five people were shot – and one was killed – at an Oakland gas station Monday night during the filming of a music video -- hours after the mass shooting in Half Moon Bay.

Five victims were struck by gunfire – including 18-year-old Mario Navarro who died, police said. 

There are six other victims affected by the shooting ranging in age from 15 to 63, but they weren't all injured, police explained. 

For example, one car was struck by stray bullets when it left the scene and another victim had a stray bullet whiz into their business. One driver and several passengers were injured when they got into a car accident fleeing the scene. Of the group, only one person remained in the hospital as of Tuesday afternoon, police said. 

Originally, police said there were eight victims. 

At a news conference on Tuesday, Acting Police Chief Darren Allison said the shooting Monday at 6 p.m. near a gas station on MacArthur Boulevard and Seminary Avenue was "targeted" and possibly gang-related. He said he believes there are multiple shooters. 

Some witnesses told police the gunfire erupted during the filming of a music video. Allison said there were all sorts of casings found at the scene, from semi-automatic handguns to rifles. 

"I'm heartbroken right now," said Navarro's cousin, Olga Navarro. "He was really sweet.  He kind of liked music. He was really good." 

No one has been arrested. 

At a news conference on Tuesday, Mayor Sheng Thao noted this is the third mass shooting in California in less than a week.

"Now we see that more families are feeling this pain, the pain due to yet again more gun violence in our city," she said. "And we are not unique in this. We have seen other shootings across the state as well, too."

As she spoke, she stood by – and thanked –  Allison for keeping the community safe. Allison stepped in last week when Thao placed Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong on administrative leave. As she spoke, the NAACP rallied to reinstate Armstrong back to his post. 

Investigators collected evidence from two cars that may have transported the gunshot victims to the hospital. 

"It's really disheartening and difficult, you know, to deal with, but, you know, again, we're relying on community support to help solve this incident," Oakland spokeswoman Kim Amrstead said. 

Oakland police said prior to this fatal shooting that they were investigating five homicides so far in 2023. 

City Councilman Kevin Jenkins said that he is beyond tired of all the violence.

"It's with a heavy heart that I stand here before you," Jenkins said. "I'm outraged. I'm disgusted. The community is outraged. We are disgusted. No young person should have to lose their life like this. Every young person should be able to reach their fullest potential memorial. Navarro's life was stolen from him. There's deep trauma that is seeded in our community because of the gun violence that is that plagues our community."