Oakland police sergeant currently on leave faces more scrutiny

The embattled Oakland Police Department will come under more scrutiny Wednesday.

This case involves a sergeant who is currently on leave amid allegations that his girlfriend typed up homicide reports for him, but then posted the confidential material online after learning he was married.

Defense attorneys tell KTVU that every case this sergeant worked on could be reviewed.

He led the investigation in the 2013 killing of a well-known dog walker, who called herself, the pet nanny.

Two men, Stephon Lee and Mario Floyd are awaiting trial for the shooting.

Floyd's attorney, Annie Beles said investigators never told her about the controversy surrounding the sergeant, or the fact that he is now on leave.

Beles will head to court Wednesday, to seek more information about the sergeant in question.

Alameda County Public Defender Brendon Woods said the accusations against the sergeant have potentially great implications.

"if the allegations are true," said Woods, "we have to back to go back and look at every single case he's ever touched."

The attorney representing the sergeant told KTVU that hi client is: "a very gifted investigator,"  who had a friend "transcribe" interviews on three occasions to meet deadlines.

He says no cases were jeopardized.