Oakland police shoot attempted carjacking suspect

There is now an investigation underway in Oakland following the police shooting of a man, seen trying to carjack a driver at gunpoint.

It happened around 12:45 Friday afternoon on 107th Avenue and International Boulevard. 

The scene of the police shooting is a reminder to neighbors of the crime and violence that they say are part of their lives.

"Kind of numb. It always happens.  It's a daily occurrence. Hear shootings.  It's a daily occurrence.  Something is going to happen here," said neighbor D'Andre Nelson who've lived in the area 10 years.  

Police say it started when they spotted a motorcyclist driving erratically at 98th Avenue and Bancroft Avenue but that they did not chase him. Instead, they deployed the police helicopter to follow him.  

After going about a mile, police said the motorcyclist crashed and fled on foot. 
A short while later, they said he tried to carjack a driver.

"He brandished a firearm, pointed it at a victim inside a vehicle, a passerby and ended up demanding the vehicle," said Officer Kim Armstead,"Officers were nearby and gave verbal commands to the motorcyclist to drop his firearm. He did not comply. For the safety of the victim and our community, OPD officers discharged their firearms and struck the motorcyclist."  

Police said two officers fired their guns, but did not say how many shots were fired. 
A woman who said she witnessed the shooting asked KTVU not to reveal her identity, "When I heard the police say stop, put your hands up. I seen the guns coming out and I said oh no. So I heard gunfire, but I don't know if it came from him or them. So I ran around the corner. I just stood there. I was scared. I thought the police might have hit me or something. I got out of the way."

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Police said the motorcyclist was treated at the scene and transported to the hospital where he is being treated for non-life threatening injuries. 

Investigators said he may have been involved with another crime before he was spotted driving erratically, and that the motorcycle he was driving was stolen.

"I'm fearful everyday coming inside. I park here, and I have to come through this front door. I have bushes everywhere," said Nelson who lives just steps from the police shooting.

When asked if he was worried about being robbed or carjacked, he replied,"Yes or even killed."

Nelson said he and his family are planning to move out of Oakland. 
Police said the attempted carjacking victim was not physically injured.

Investigators are asking anyone with videos of the incident or information to contact Oakland police.  

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