Officials: Man suffocates mountain lion in self defense

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Wildlife officials said a jogger fought off a young mountain lion on a northern Colorado trail and killed the animal by suffocating it.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials said the man was running alone near Fort Collins on Monday when the lion attacked him from behind after the movement apparently triggered its hunting instincts. 

It's not clear if the runner saw the big cat coming, but officials said the man responded by fighting off the cougar, which bit the man's face and wrist. The jogger also suffered puncture wounds to his arms, legs and back.

The man managed to hike out of the area after the attack and drove himself to a hospital. 

On Tuesday, wildlife officials said their investigation confirmed the man's account that he suffocated the animal.

The lion's body was recovered near the trail, according to wildlife officials.

Experts said in the event of a mountain lion attack, people should do everything to fight off the animal.  

Mountain lions attacks are rare, as the animals are usually averse to engaging with humans. In Colorado, sixteen people have been injured and three killed by mountain lions since 1990.