One month later, Paradise family finds cat in emotional reunion

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A family in Paradise is counting its blessings, after being reunited with its cat one month after the Camp Fire destroyed almost everything the family owned. 

On Nov. 8, when the fire broke out and residents were forced to flee the flames, Courtney Werblow grabbed her two young kids and collected a small bag of belongings and ran. They were not able to locate their cat, which had been dividing her time at both the family's home and Werblow's parents' home, which was later also destroyed in the fire. 

Then on Dec. 8, exactly one month later, Werblow was escorted back to her parents' house, for the first time since the fire. That's when a small miracle awaited them.

In an emotional video, you can hear when she first spots her cat. With her voice shaking, filled with emotion, she calls out, "Timber! Timber!"

It takes a moment for the hesitant and obviously traumatized animal to respond. But the gray cat eventually heeds the call, winding her way through the ruins of the fire and goes to the food her owner offers her. 

Werblow's relief and joy is heard in her tearful reaction to the reunion. "You made it! You made it," she repeats as she caresses the animal. 

"Oh, you look so good. We're right here. We're here for you," she reassures her cat.  And she notes, "She's hungry," as she watches the cat devour the food brought for her.

The video has been seen more than 400K times on YouTube, with people from around the globe, expressing their happiness for the Werblow family, which has had a GoFundMe page set up to help them in their recovery. 

Amid the loss and devastation and the ashes left by the fire, it was a moment of hope during a time when it was needed most.

As Werblow shared the video on social media, she wrote, "She's alive. Praise God!!" and her message: "NEVER LOSE HOPE!"


This story was written from Oakland, Calif.