1 person killed, 2 injured amid altercation with sword in Vallejo

Vallejo Police are investigating a death on a commercial property where police say transients lived.

One witness said the victim was impaled with a sword. 

The property owner, who also lived at the site, was injured in the Sunday morning altercation.

At about 7:30 a.m., the 600 block of 3rd Street in Vallejo was filled with first responders. 

"It was like six police cars, it was four ambulances, it was three fire trucks.  Everywhere from here to over there blocking the street," Alix Santana said.

Police were responding to a report of a stabbing.

Patrick McMillan told KTVU he lives on the property in a motor home and said his 80-year-old friend and property owner came to him covered in blood.

"I heard banging on the door and went and it was Kurt and he said ‘I’m dying.’ I saw him with a sword sticking through his back and it came out his chest about here and a flap of his face cut off.  Blood," McMillan said.

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Police said two people were injured in the altercation and one woman was killed, but they gave no details about who exactly was injured and how.

A witness saw multiple people being put into ambulances.

"They were taken on stretchers.  I saw one lady because she was the closest.  She had her hands on her chest or something.  I’m not too sure," said Santana.

McMillan said the altercation stemmed from a dispute between the property owner and people living on the site without permission.  He said the owner was trying to get them off the property and was getting close to his goal.

"Finally gone to the court a couple of weeks ago and they were going to evict them," McMillan said. "The sheriff was going to be out Tuesday morning to evict them, so apparently, they found out and at 2:30 this morning they were throwing rocks and stuff and trying to bang his door down,"

McMillan said he called the police to report what was happening and was told they were sending officers.

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"They never showed," said McMillan.

Police ultimately responded when McMillan said he made a second call after his friend was stabbed.

Police have not confirmed to KTVU who lived on the property or who was injured in the altercation.

Neighbors say about four or so people staying on the site were often referred to as ‘The Cult.’

"What we have is a certain number of people who seem, how can I put this, seem a little bit off," Clinton Davidson, a neighbor said. 

Residents say those people often walked around nude and talked to themselves.

Those same residents describe the property owner as a man with a heart of gold.

They said he went out of his way to help people and take care of the neighborhood.

"Right across the street from my house there’s like a hillside and he basically would come up and cut all of the grass, pick up all of the rubbish, you know.  Anything," said Dominique Swain, a resident.

McMillan said his friend who was stabbed with the sword has been through surgery and is alert.  He said he’s been getting his information from the police.

There are currently no suspects in custody in the case, according to Vallejo Police.