Orangutan snuggles up to new baby

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A baby Bornean orangutan is settling into her home at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo. 

The three pound baby was born Saturday, January 6th to mom DeeDee. 

According to Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo, "The bond between DeeDee and her baby is so special, it resembles the unbreakable bond between a human mother and a baby. The connection between humans and apes is astounding! Like humans, baby apes are born completely dependent on their mothers and this maternal care continues for many years."

According to the zoo, DeeDee is a very attentive mother and pats her baby's back whenever she gets fussy.

DeeDee has given birth to five baby orangutans and also has five grand babies.

"North America is home to only 90 animals in the Bornean Orangutan Species Survival Plan. Each birth is very significant and crucial to the longevity of this precious species," according to the zoo.

The Zoo adds in the wild orangutans are losing their homes to clearcutting for plant palm oil. Many orangutan babies lose their moms and are unable to survive on their own. 

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