Organizers of Alameda County DA recall effort blast proposed changes in procedure

Opponents of Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price held a rally outside the Administration Building on Tuesday, hoping to convince supervisors not to change procedures for a recall, including the one they've launched against the top prosecutor.

"Recall Price! Recall price! Keep our county charter!" they chanted.

"No changing the rules in the middle of the game," said Carl Chan, a Chinatown leader who's helping to lead the recall effort against Price. 

Chan said the group has already collected more than 70,000 signatures, just 3,000 shy of what's needed for the recall to make the ballot.


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"We're not going to stop here, and we need to continue. We're going to finish our job," Chan said,

County attorneys say the current recall procedures under the charter may be unconstitutional. 

Another recall leader, Brenda Grisham, whose son was shot and killed in Oakland, disagrees.

"What you're doing is unconstitutional," she said, referring to county attorneys. "You're ignoring the rights of the people. You're ignoring the rights of the victims. You're ignoring the rights of all of the citizens of Alameda County." 

Lorie Mohs, the mother of Blake Mohs, the security guard who was shot and killed by a suspected shoplifter at Home Depot in Pleasanton, cried, "Our life is gone! Our child is gone!"

Moh said the DA has failed to properly charge the defendant. 

"If your child is killed, she gets to pick how the murderer gets handled, while we bury our child and figure out how to move on," Mohs said.

Mohs said part of moving on is trying to get Price to move out.

"I'm happy to pack her up with some Home Depot boxes," Mohs said. "I'll ship them to her personally."

In a statement, Price's campaign team blasted the ongoing recall effort, saying in part, "This attempt to subvert our democratic processes not only undermines the will of the voters but also threatens the stability and effective governance of Alameda County."

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