Photos: Bay Area braces for the next atmospheric river

Bay Area residents braced for the next round of storms as the latest atmospheric river began pounding the water-soaked region. 

They shored up their homes with sandbags and watched PG&E crews to trim trees. 

Tracey Owens was the first in line at the San Francisco Public Works facility on Thursday, hoping to get as many bags as possible.

"Once the water gets in, it's hard to get out," Owens said. "It's hard to remove the water. So hopefully I can prevent that from happening this time. Get me some sandbags. I want to jump on it before the rain starts."

Others in Santa Cruz County brought precious belongings to higher ground as they anticipated more flooding and shoppers in Livermore headed to the market to stockpile provisions.

The wet weather is supposed to last through Sunday. 

Bay Area storm watch: what to expect from the atmospheric river

Snow closed some ramps and roads in Tahoe. March 9, 2023 

A snow plow moves piles of snow in Tahoe. March 9, 2023 

Snow comes up to the windows of this Tahoe home. March 9, 2023

Snow covered homes in Tahoe. March 9, 2023 

Snow covered homes in Tahoe. March 09, 2023 

A massive tree fell on Oak Street in San Francisco near Golden Gate Park. March 10, 2023 

Highway 116 in Sonoma County flooded during the latest rains. March 9, 2023

The Safeway store in Livermore was busy with shoppers ahead of Thursday's storm. March 9, 2023 

Shoppers fill their cars in Livermore ahead of Thursday's storm. March 9, 2023

PG&E crews trim trees ahead of the next Bay Area storm. 

City workers in San Francisco help residents load their car with sandbags. March 9, 2023

Tracey Owens picks up sandbags in San Francisco ahead of the next storm. March 9, 2023

Residents stock up on sandbags in Danville. March 9, 2023

Residents of Danville stocked up on sandbags ahead of the next atmospheric river to hit the Bay Area. March 9, 2023

A damp mattress leans against a pole in Felton Grove, Santa Cruz County. March 8, 2023

The river in Felton Grove on March 8, 2023.

Daniel Alexander of Felton Grove loaded his trailer so that his belongings wouldn't get wet in the next round of storms. March 8, 2023 

Piles of mud are seen in Santa Cruz County's Felton Grove, where floods drenched the city in January. March 8, 2023