Photos: Friday's Harvest Moon framed by iconic San Francisco sites

Ryan Fitzsimons captured this image of the Harvest Moon above Lombard Street in San Francisco, September 29, 2023.

The last supermoon of 2023 turned out to be a real stunner.

Images captured across San Francisco showed the bright, full moon visible between Thursday night and Friday morning. From the Bay Bridge to the Palace of Fine Arts to Lombard Street, different perspectives were snapped around the city.

The term "harvest moon" signifies the start of autumn. The name dates back to when farmers depended on the moon's light to harvest their crops late into the night, according to NASA. The moon's light was particularly important during fall, when harvests are the largest.

KTVU viewer Ryan Fitzsimons captured the moon above Lombard Street. The early morning shot shows the brilliant orange dome peaking above the iconic curvy street. 

Skywatchers who missed the Harvest Moon will have to wait a while for the next supermoon, which will rise on Sept. 18, 2024, according to This will be the first of two supermoons next year, with the second occurring Oct. 17, 2024.