Pittsburg Unified School District hit with ransomware attack

The Pittsburg Unified School District is now the latest victim of a ransomware attack in Contra Costa County.

It happened while the entire county library system is still recovering from its ransomware attack on Friday.

The attack is affecting every school, office and most services in the school district.

"I'm not able to get on the internet to finish my documentations and my notes. And look up things to help the kiddos. I know it's affecting the kiddos in the classroom," said school mental health counselor Jamie Domingos. 

The attack happened over winter break. School district Superintendent Janet Schulze announced it on Facebook.

"We will be teaching and learning like 'back in the day' without laptops and the internet. We do not have any indication that personal data information has been compromised."

The district says the FBI has been notified and a cybersecurity team has been brought in to investigate and repair the system.

The district isn't saying how much money the hackers are asking for. But the school district is not the only victim. Last Friday ransomware attackers struck the Contra Costa County library system, affecting all 26 branches.

"It's a hassle. It's definitely a hassle," said Brooke Converse, spokeswoman for the library.

The sheriff's department and district attorney cybercrime units are investigating.

It's unclear if the library and school district attacks are connected.

The county did not pay the ransom. Most online systems are back up. But there is still no Wi-Fi or printing.

"It's not like the public library has a lot of money to offer. It takes down an important public service when we don't have anything to offer as ransom," said Converse.

Cyber security consultants say ransomware attacks are on the rise.

"Ransomware is a huge business these days. What they want to do is infect all your computers and lock them out," says Chris Stovel, an Alameda-based cyber security consultant.

"Its affecting the kids here when they need all the support they can get," says Domingas.