Vigil held for Pleasanton family of 4 killed in crash

Hundreds in Pleasanton came together on Sunday to mourn the lives of a family of four who died in a car crash last week. 

Family, friends and members of the community gathered in Val Vista Park to leave flowers and notes for Tarun and Rincy George, and their two sons, Rowan and Aaron.

"It’s very difficult to digest the news…The last three or four days we couldn’t sleep well." said neighbor Srini, whose son was friends with one of the George brothers. "They are very sad…They really miss their friend."

According to friends, the George family was driving back from a birthday party last Wednesday when police said their car went off the road and into a tree. Investigators said speed may have been a factor

The boys went to Donlon Elementary School and Hart Middle School in Pleasanton.


Family of four killed in Pleasanton crash

A family of four was killed in a fiery crash in Pleasanton on Wednesday night, authorities confirmed.

"I know that my students are really having a hard time," said Sarah McClimon, who taught one of the brothers violin for two years. "He was a very, very nice student. I can see his face right now in my mind…I just remember him sitting over here and playing his violin, and being part of the really wonderful community that we have…and you know, I’m just heartbroken for the family."

Nearby was Shravan, a close friend of Rowan George.

"He was like really energetic, and really nice. He would never like talk bad about anyone. He was just always super supportive and happy all the time, and so was his family," said Shravan.

The Georges were described as a fixture in the community, regularly spotted talking to neighbors or going on family outings together.   

"I just got to know him as a very adventurous person," said neighbor Midhun about the father, Tarun George. "He definitely set dad goals for many of us on how to engage kids."

Like so many here, Midhun said he was still struggling to process the family’s sudden death.

"The next thing that I knew…entire family vanishing in just a few minutes."