Police continue to investigate life-altering beating of San Jose man

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KTVU) - It's the perfect case of whodunit. There's little information, no witnesses, no surveillance video and no suspects.

Police said a man was so badly beaten he now has permanent brain damage and is learning to walk and talk again.

He was found near the Taxco Apartment complex by Winchester and Payne in San Jose. The place has several cameras but none of the cameras caught what happened that night.

Peggy Cathcart calls her 36-year-old son a 6'1" teddy bear. He's a father of two children and a mentor for troubled youth who loved to take photos and loved to laugh.

"Such a great sense of humor that everyone thought he would probably choose entertainment and be the next Arsenio Hall," said Cathcart. "In fact that was in his yearbook."

He loved to take walks but it was one walk back in September that changed his life.

It happened on September 14 - the 49ers regular season home opener at Levi's Stadium when the team lost to the Chicago Bears.

After watching the game on television, around 9:30 p.m. Cathcart's son wearing a 49ers jersey went walking to the grocery store near the Taxco Apartments. He never made it back.

"He was found the following morning left for dead with a fractured skull, with a fractured jaw, with an injured eye in a coma," said Cathcart.

He was hospitalized for two months. Police said he was a victim of a robbery and attacked for no reason.

"We don't know any of the circumstances," said Officer Albert Morales of San Jose Police. "Until we can find some witnesses, anyone that can provide us with detailed information about what happened. We don't have much to go on."

Seven months later, he's learning to walk and talk. His sight and memory are "cloudy." All while, police said leads have dried up.

"It's extremely frustrating," said Officer Morales. "You look at the extent of the injuries. The victim is still recovering from his injuries."

Cathcart retired to take care of her son. As she questions why, she wants justice for a crime that almost took her son's life.

"Right now he's aware of his loss," said Cathcart. "He's going through grieving and unfortunately I am as well. I apologize for this but I can't help but be emotional realizing what I see is happening to him."

There is one small clue from that night. He took a picture of a vintage car on his cell phone. Cathcart would like to talk to whoever owns the car.

Cathcart said he will likely need long-term care so anyone who saw the fight is asked to call San Jose Police.