Police in Minnesota rescue beagle, lab from thin ice falls

Police and sheriff’s deputies from Anoka County and Forest Lake, Minnesota saved the lives of two lucky dogs who wandered onto thin ice.

On Wednesday, Anoka County deputies received a call of an older dog that had wandered onto a pond and fallen through the ice and into 6 feet of icy water. The dog was struggling and could not free itself. Two responding deputies used a cold water suit and some rope to pull the dog to safety. The tail end of the rescue was captured on cell phone video.

Wednesday evening in Forest Lake, two officers were dispatched to a call of a dog yelping. The officers arrived and could hear a dog yelping and could tell the dog was clearly in distress. They actually thought the dog may have been attacked by another animal because of how the dog sounded.

The officers approached the dog, along with the caller, her sister and their neighbor. As the group got closer, they found the family's beagle had broken through the ice on Clear Lake, and was about 10 feet out from the dock. All that was above the ice was the dog's head and front legs – 3/4 of the dog’s body was submerged in the icy waters. The officer was able to get onto the ice and pull the dog out of the icy water. The dog was very cold and very scared, but has another shot at a happy life thanks to the rescue