Police investigating fatal shooting at BART's Oakland Lake Merritt station

BART police are investigating a fatal shooting that happened outside the Lake Merritt BART station Tuesday afternoon. A suspect is now in custody, officials say.

The shooting happened just after 2:30 p.m., according to a BART spokesperson. 

Police have not revealed many details about the victim nor the suspect. BART officials said the male suspect was taken into custody within 90 minutes of the shooting and that there was no indication neither the victim nor suspect were BART riders. 

It's unknown what led up to the gunfire. Police did not yet have a motive for the shooting.  

BART interim Police Chief Kevin Franklin spoke from the crime scene, where the body had by then been removed. He said the victim was declared dead at the scene. 

In the immediate aftermath, a KTVU employee in the plaza outside the station saw an officer performing chest compressions on the victim before the person's body was covered by a tarp.

BART trains were temporarily bypassing the Lake Merritt Station, but have resumed making stops there.

BART police said they used street level surveillance images to help identify the suspect. Police did not indicate that the gun used in the shooting had been recovered. 

There is fear and frustration over ongoing gun violence and crime in Oakland. People said a homicide in broad daylight in an area that sees a lot of foot traffic gives them pause. 

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"It's in the middle of the day. This is super scary. I'm just shocked. It's terrifying," said one bystander at the BART station, who did not give her name. 

"Right there, you're about to get on BART. It kind of makes you think. It kind of makes you feel unsafe a little bit. It seems like an everyday occurrence now and it's not getting any better," said another BART rider, Abiye.  

Just before the shooting outside of BART, there was another deadly shooting in Oakland. At 2:15, East Bay Regional Park District officers responded to a shooting at the boat launch.

A male victim was found dead from a gunshot wound. Police did not say if an arrest has been made in the park shooting. No other information was available in that case.  

"It worries me because the crime level in Oakland seems to be increasing and I really hope something is done about it. We shouldn't have to deal with this. I think we definitely need a police chief, some kind of leadership. Something needs to be done for the city of Oakland," Abiye said. 

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A fatal shooting occurred outside of the Lake Merritt BART station on August 8, 2023.


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