Police locate man who assaulted father

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FREMONT, Calif. (KTVU/BCN) A man who allegedly assaulted his father was arrested by police after a three-hour standoff this afternoon in Fremont, police said.

At 10:48 a.m., police responded to Quintana Court where police initially thought a man was trying to kill himself, police spokesman Sgt. Ricardo Cortes said.

But police misunderstood the caller because of a language barrier and learned that a man assaulted his father and left in his father's car.

Cortes said officers arrived and determined a felony battery occurred. The injuries, however, were not considered life-threatening.

Police also learned that the suspect's family was concerned about his mental health. Officer's then started searching for him in the area of Mill Creek Road in Fremont.

Police located the suspect's father's car and, with the help of aircraft from the California Highway Patrol, they located the suspect at about 1:45 p.m. lying down in a heavily wooded area. He was seen from Skyfox and did not appear to be wearing pants. 

Officers first tried to establish communication with the suspect. However, police were apprehensive to approach him because of the earlier alleged battery, his family's concern about his mental health and because officers were unsure if he had any weapons on him.

By about 4:45 p.m., the suspect followed officers' directions, climbed out of the wooden area and surrendered.

Our cameras showed the suspect being hosed down by several officers before being wrapped in a blanket. 

Fremont Police tweeted that the suspect told them that he had doused himself with a toxic chemical. 

Police are continuing to investigate the alleged battery of the suspect's father. Police are also trying to figure out whether the actions of the son were criminal or caused by a mental health issue, or a combination of both, Cortes said.