Police: Man wanted for burglarizing two of R. Kelly's homes

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Johns Creek Police are searching for a man they said stole and sold items from two of R&B singer R. Kelly's homes.

Police would also like the unknown number of buyers to return the items to the musician.

Items include a gem-crusted hoodie, memorabilia from the musician, and plenty of furniture from the singer's mansion and other rental home. The total value of the items remains unknown, but could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, police said.

On Nov. 26, Kelly's housekeeper arrived at his house to clean it, but found it ransacked and emptied.

After she contacted the police, members of Kelly's organization told officers of another home that Kelly rented in the city.

Officials went to check that home the next day and said they found it burglarized as well.

Police said that they have tied the thefts to Alfonso "Doc" Walker, who supposedly had done house work and pool repairs for the musician.

Authorities have now secured a warrant for Walker. He's charged with two counts of burglary, two counts of theft by taking, and two counts of theft by deception.

Police said Walker told them multiple stories of why the items from were taken from the home."

"The first statement to investigators was that Mr. Kelly owed him money. He's said things as, 'I'm being set up,'" said Captain Chris Byers.

Police said Walker agreed to come to the police department Tuesday to sort out details of the incident, but has not done so. Police said Walker claimed he was in different states during multiple phone conversations. Police are asking for information from the public on the whereabouts of Walker, who is wanted on multiple charges.

Authorities have been in contact with two people who were sold items belonging to Mr. Kelly, and have since returned those items. Police told FOX 5 News they would like to hear from other people who currently have items belonging to Mr. Kelly and who paid funds to Walker.

Anyone who has purchased R. Kelly's items or know the whereabouts of Walker is asked to call Johns Creek Police.

A lawyer for R. Kelly has not responded to requests for comment from the singer.