Police officer plays piano for elderly man during welfare check

A kind UK police officer took a moment out of his day to play the piano for an elderly man living by himself. 

The Mansfield Police Station posted the video on their Facebook page on Jan. 18, explaining that the officer was revisiting the 93-year-old following a theft. 

"I noticed he had a piano with music open - one of his favourite Chopin pieces he said, a nocturne. I told him it was my late grandma's favourite too," the post read. "I said I could play, so he invited me to play for him, which I did." 

The officer said the elderly man shared stories about  'getting his wings', being a pilot, in the war and the loss of his wife on Christmas Eve a few years ago. They spent time together and the officer said the elderly man was "really pleased." 

"It made his day, as you can see in the video you can see how much he appreciated it. Job satisfaction."