Police release images of person of interest in SJSU shooting incident

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Police released surveillance images of a person of interest in a shooting that occurred on San Jose State University's campus Thursday evening.

Authorities haven't determined if he was the person responsible for the shooting however detectives want to speak with him to see if he has any information relating to the incident. 

He is described as a white man in his early 20's wearing a blue medical mask, a black hooded sweatshirt, tan pants, possible Nike brand shoes, and a blue/gray backpack.

A freshman student was on the eighth floor of the university's Martin Luther King Jr. Library studying for an exam when gunfire erupted, shattering the window right above his head. 

"We all look back at my desk and see there is a huge bullet hole right above my desk. There's glass all over my desk. All over me. All over the floor. All over my stuff," Garrett Bruner recalled. 

The following day, glass was still falling from the shattered window and so authorities cordoned off the front area of the library as well as the top floors. 

Directly across the street, the Rotary International parking garage was also riddled with bullet holes. 

At least five marked the backside of the elevator shaft on its top floor. 
"When I first had gotten there three hours prior, I had seen there was two guys like sitting on top of the parking structure, which I automatically thought was a little interesting," Bruner said. 

In the moments after the shooting, the university put out a series of text alerts warning students. On Friday, they sent out information about counseling and psychological services that are available.

"We're dealing with a new normal and it's something we're all trying to get our arms around. And we want to make sure our students can continue to be successful at the university despite these kinds of significant interruptions," said Vice President of Student Affairs Patrick Day. 

Anyone with any information on the shooting is asked to contact Detective Matthew Sanfilippo with the San Jose Police Department's Assaults Unit at (408) 464-8379 or by email at 4186@sanjoseca.gov.