'Popcorn addict' Steph Curry chooses new kernels for LA stadium

Steph Curry's love of popcorn is popping up in a surprising new way, according to a report from the Los Angeles Times. He was asked to help hand pick the popcorn of choice at the Los Angeles Clippers' new Intuit Dome in Inglewood. 

Curry's qualifications as a popcorn critic may come as a surprise to those of us who are most used to seeing him sink threes on the court. The Golden State Warriors team captain and two-time MVP has a deep love for popcorn, and he's previously reviewed the quality of the buttery snack at all NBA arenas. He called himself a "popcorn addict," and said it's typically his snack of choice before, during and after games.  

310 Provisions is the group choosing the food that will be served at the Intuit Dome, and the company reached out to Curry to help them make an elite popcorn choice. 

"And we’re like, 'We want our popcorn to be the best so maybe he’d come and try it.' We asked him and he said he would," CEO of Halo Sports and Entertainment Gillian Zucker told the Los Angeles Times

In Curry's previous rankings of popcorn at NBA arenas, the kernels at the Clippers' former home, the Staples Center, ranked dead last. Now Curry will certainly be able to enjoy delicious popcorn every time he plays in Inglewood.