POPE SELFIE: Pope Francis takes selfies with kids in DC

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No selfies with the pope? Not so fast. Pope Francis emerged from the Vatican Embassy Wednesday morning to head to the White House. But he quickly bent the no-selfie rule for some very lucky school children waiting outside.

Pope Francis took time on his way to his ride -- yes, his Fiat -- to stop and engage with D.C. area schoolchildren who were in place to greet him as he left. He made his way down the line of kids and talked, shook hands, hugged and even took selfies with a few lucky students.

Before the pope’s visit to D.C. got underway, members of Congress were warned not to fistbump, take selfies with the pope or try to shake his hand when he visits the Capitol for his address on Thursday. But, it seems Pope Francis is willing to bend the rules -- at least for the kids.

FOX 5's Shannon Travis spoke with one of the children who received an experience that she will never forget.

“I was originally on the right side from the gate and we were waiting and when he finally came out, he started going to the left side," Aiste Orentas told us. "Suddenly they come up to us and say, ‘Only three of you can go up to meet him.’ And I was like this has to be me! And all I said was, ‘Holy Father … I love you and you inspire me. Can I take a picture with you?’ And he did say yes. He gave me a blessing and I wanted it to be for my whole life.”

She shared the special moment with her friends at school.

“My friends were shocked,” she said. “Some of them were like, ‘I don't believe you. Show me a picture. You have no proof. And I was like, ‘I will show you at my locker. I have proof. You will see.’”

She told us that she is still in disbelief that she got to meet him.

“I didn't have this originally on my bucket list, but now that it happened, I'm like, ‘Wow, this happened,’ said Orentas. "And every five minutes, I'd go back on my camera and look back and just see to make sure they are there -- be sure this happened. It's not a dream."

What does Pope Francis mean to her?

“He's very, very special to our religion, and he's the only one in the world. It was very special and magical and he really makes a children’s heart lift up."

Watch Pope Francis’ selfie moment with the school children in the video above!