Popular Latin pop rock band helps Pajaro Valley flood victims

A popular Latin pop-rock band based in Mexico is back in the Bay Area this weekend. It's the first time back in four years. 

They said they came to entertain and help flood victims of the Pajaro Valley.

Mana performed Friday night at the SAP Center.  The band is donating a portion of the proceeds to go toward relief efforts, as they said they want to use their music to help flood victims. 

One family who's been evacuated said the band's help gives them hope.

It's music with a message and a cause.  

Mana played before a sold-out crowd of 14,000.

"They sound really good, and they just have really good messages and their concerts are always a blast," said fan Samantha Osuna of San Jose.            

In keeping with the band's social conscience, drummer Alex Gonzalez said Friday's concert is one of two in the Bay Area dedicated to the flood victims of Pajaro Valley where many of them are farmworkers.

"It's one of the hardest jobs you can have, providing food on the table, so we have to help these people. They're helping us, giving us food," said Gonzalez. 

It's music to entertain and provide relief.

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"Live Nation is going to double [the money raised] and all the money is going to the community of Pajaro," he added.  

Mana partnered with the nonprofit Community Bridges which is based in Watsonville, where Raymon Cancino is CEO.

"We know they're going to have a difficult time finding habitable housing. We have a whole town…the water is receding, but there is no water system right now. There is limited electricity. We have water issues," said Cancino.  

One flood victim shared cell phone videos she says were shot by family members as they were forced to evacuate from their home in Pajaro. Gertrudis Rubio says this is the second time they've been forced to leave since January.

She's concerned for her disabled sister by her side. 

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"She often gets seizures and thank God I didn't forget her medicine. The first time I did. I worry so much for my sister," said Rubio.  

She's an aspiring musician and looks up to Mana, a band whose music she loves.

"They've helped me with depression all my life," said Rubio. "I never heard any celebrities help here in Pajaro..."

Mana has another concert Saturday night at the Oakland Arena. That show is also sold out. 

But the band says on Monday, it will announce a third concert date in the Bay Area.

Mana urges people to donate to Community Bridges.

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