Privacy advocates worry about license plate readers in Oakland

Privacy advocates are raising concerns about the plan  in Oakland to install Automated License Plate Readers.

Gov. Gavin Newsom has agreed to give the city $1.2 million in state funds, to immediately install license plate readers on freeways and many busy streets in Oakland, including on  International Boulevard.

Brian Hofer, chair of Oakland's Privacy Advisory Commission, said he is concerned with how police will use this information. 

"My general concerns with ALPR is literally that it's mass surveillance indiscriminately collecting data on all license plates driving by," he said. "Historically, 99.9% of all data collected will never be used. So putting people into a criminal law enforcement database for no reason, there's no justification for that." 

Supporters of license plate readers say they are an effective way to track down criminals, and will be an effective way to respond to the rising crime in Oakland.