Proposed bill would give some drivers discounts on traffic fines

There's a new effort under way at the State Capitol to help make it easier for low income earners to pay off their traffic tickets. A proposed bill would give some drivers a discount on their fines. 

It would be a sliding scale based on income. 

The bill would give judges the discretion to reduce the fine for a traffic ticket by up to 80 percent if that driver can prove they're unable to pay the original amount. 

People would only be eligible if their income is up to 2.5 times more than than the federal poverty limit. 

The author of the bill, State Senator Bob Hertzberg, says it's an attempt to even the playing field since hefty traffic fines that are simply an annoyance to the wealthy can be detrimental to low-income earners. 

If the bill were to become law it wouldn't apply to fines for driving under the influence or reckless driving.

The legislation is opposed by the California District Attorneys Association, which believes driving comes with a certain degree of responsibility. 

The bill will likely be up for a vote in the state senate next month.