Protests take over North and South Philly for DNC Day 2

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On day two of the DNC, protests from South Philly, to North Philly and beyond are causing some traffic headaches, while police are carefully monitoring the scenes, making sure things remain peaceful.

FOX 29's Jeff Cole monitored the protests across the city Tuesday.

While Bernie Sanders supporters made themselves heard in FDR Park throughout the day, another group began their march toward City Hall later in the afternoon.

In South Philadelphia, Bernie supporters burned their voter registration cards in support of Senator Bernie Sanders. bellowed their aggressive message of salvation and damnation, while being taunted by Sanders' supporters.

The march that made its way down Broad Street later in the afternoon was billed as the Black Resistance March Against Terrorism and State Repression. Traffic at N. Broad and Diamond Streets was blocked as protestors decried police shootings, gentrification in North Philly, poverty and hunger.

After Monday's round of protests and demonstrations, 53 citations for disorderly conduct were handed out, after a group at FDR park attempted to climb a fence, and gain access to a restricted area, according to police. The citation carries a $50 fine.

The City of Philadelphia issued 28 demonstration permits.