Puppy named 'Betty Boop' getting prosthetic paw from cartoon creators

A puppy missing a paw was found on the streets of Chicago. Now, that puppy has a new home and a prosthetic paw on the way.

The new paw was donated all because of the puppy's name and a story on FOX 32's website.

The Chicago puppy is named ‘Betty Boop.'

In January, FOX 32 posted photos of Betty from the no kill shelter, PAWS Chicago. She was found on the city streets during the bitter cold winter and her back paw was missing.

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Fleischer Studios, the creators of the cartoon Betty Boop, saw the story on FOX 32's website and contacted PAWS. The company wanted to donate the money needed for the puppy's prosthesis.

"We're so grateful that we named her Betty Boop," said PAWS communications manager Sarah Ahlberg.

PAWS volunteer Arianna Rudawski and her boyfriend officially adopted Betty Boop.

"We're really excited to have the prosthetic fit for her because we know she is going to be much more mobile with it," Rudawski said.

When Betty is fully grown, Dr. Barbara Royal will fit her with the prosthesis. She explained to FOX 32 what it could look like.

"You can have something that is like a fabricy bottom that gives some good grip and then something

that has a good fabric over the top, so this is more like a rubberized bottom that can manage going and going and going," said Dr. Royal.

Currently, Betty is progressing very well with her make shift prosthesis. She's on track to shine once the real deal arrives.

Fleischer Studios donated all the money needed for the prosthetic paw, which was $2,000 dollars.