Rabbi puts faith into action, donates kidney to stranger

Donny Hain and Rabbi Larry Rothwachs didn’t know each other three years ago, but now they share a bond that goes beyond friendship. Their story is something to keep in mind as we give this holiday season.

Donny Hain was born with developmental disabilities and was leading an independent life before his kidneys started to fail. His brother reached out to Rothwachs and asked him to spread the word to his members of Congregation Beth Aaron in Teaneck, New Jersey.

As he prepared his sermon, the Rabbi learned more about transplants --- and himself.

“I realized that I could not come up with any compelling reason as to why I myself wouldn’t want to do this,” Rothwachs told FOX 5

When the Rabbi learned he was a match, his choice was obvious.

“It was very clear that I could contribute in a way that would really matter,” he said.

Donny Hain’s life has returned to normal and his family couldn’t be more grateful.

“A person who donates a kidney to another person is truly a hero,” said Donny Hain’s father, James Hain.

Not only did he save Donny Hain’s life, but there are other benefits to giving selflessly. It turned out to be a gift to his five children as well.

"My life has been enhanced. I was able to give a gift to my children for them to see faith put into action,"  Rothwachs said. "If I could, I would do it again."

Watch the video to see why giving is its own gift.