Raiders celebrate a win in what is likely their last game played at the Oakland Coliseum

Scores of Raiders fans left the Oakland Coliseum with a win on Christmas Eve but the victory was bittersweet in what was likely the last game ever at the stadium.

It’s unclear where the Raiders will play next year. The team said it won't be in Oakland after the city sued them and the NFL.

With the drums beating and the music blaring, the parking lot outside the Oakland Coliseum was full of tailgaters donning silver and black.

“I’m disappointed more than mad,” said Alonda Austin of Oakland. “It is heartbreaking. Oakland is my hometown. I love Oakland.”

Austin came decked out in holiday attire. She’s been a season ticket holder for the last 10 years and did her best to be in good spirits despite knowing all the comradery and fanfare may be coming to an end.

“We’ve built a family,” said Austin. “We've built a community. That's what the tailgate is about it's about building family."

Earlier this month, the Oakland Raiders rescinding their offer to play at the coliseum in 2019 because of Oakland’s lawsuit against the Raiders and the NFL for the team's move to Las Vegas. Their new stadium won't be ready until 2020.

“No love is lost for the actual Raiders as a franchise,” said Johnny Dominguez of Oakland. “It all has to do with politics and the city of Oakland.”

“It’s just really hard coming to the last Oakland game, even though we knew they were moving to Vegas we still thought we had another season,” said Dolores Carnosa of Novato.

It was a melancholy mood for Carnosa and her daughter. They said, they'll miss going to the games together and can't help but feel nostalgic.

“It’s been a special part of our lives,” said Danyelle Caruthers of Novato. “It's sad to see them go especially after losing Mac and Cooper, Bruce Irving. It’s been a hard year and to know this is the last game, it's been rough.”

Stephanie Quliantang of Sacramento brought her 14-month-old son to the game.

“Being able to bring my son to his first and last game is definitely a little bittersweet,” said Quliantang. “We could have carried on the tradition taking him to games every year.”

Some fans are past being bitter and angry.

“It’s going to happen no matter what,” said Tony Quilantang of Sacramento. “We have to deal with it and just roll with it. We are going to support them.”

At least one Raiders fan since the 1960's said he and his son already bought tickets for when the team plays in Las Vegas. He said his loyalty remains with Raider Nation.

“It’s difficult for the Raiders to leave Oakland,” said Steven Rossi of Castro Valley. “I’ve been born and raised in Oakland. If you are an Oakland Raiders fan, you are there. It’s what the heart is.”

Fans said, if they can't play in Oakland next year, they're hoping they stay in the Bay Area at either at AT&T Park or Levi’s Stadium.