Lawsuit claims Lyft driver's rape of woman resulted in child's birth

A lawsuit was filed on Wednesday accusing San Francisco based Lyft driver of a sexual assault and rape, which resulted in the birth of a child. 

According to the lawsuit, a woman claims she was repeatedly and violently raped by the driver. The woman's lawyer says Lyft has known about ongoing sexual assaults and rapes perpetrated by its drivers but has not taken appropriate action. 

The alleged victim in the lawsuit say her attack happened in April 2019 after a night of drinking. 

"The night I was raped should have gone very differently if Lyft took the problem seriously and took the problem seriously and implemented common sense policies," said Tabatha Means, the survivor of the sexual assault. 

The lawsuit is asking that Lyft make safety changes, including requiring mandatory dash cameras and mandatory fingerprint background checks. 

KTVU reached out to Lyft and the company issued a statement that read in part: "Safety is fundamental to Lyft and the behavior described has no place in our society. The alleged incident from 2019 did not take place on the Lyft platform while using the Lyft app, but rather involved a separate trip arranged between the individuals involved."


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