Rare albino orangutan to move into 'island' home

The world’s only known albino orangutan is living her life in Indonesia.

Alba was named after the Latin word for, “white,” in a naming competition by BOS Foundation in May 2017. The Foundation, located in Indonesia, is where the unique primate resides.

The non says Alba will soon move to a special man-made island with 10 hectares – one hectare is around 10,000 square feet – of natural habitat, “so she can live a life of freedom, while remaining protected from human threats.”

Alba was rescued in April 2017, and although she has a good experience living in the wild, meaning she can be translocated quickly, her albinism makes her a “very special case,” the Foundation said. 

Her albinism can lead to health complications, like poor eyesight and hearing, and possibly skin cancer.

When Alba heads to hear new home in June 2018, she will be accomplished by three other orangutans who have since bonded with Alba after her arrival at BOS Foundation. They will be monitored full-time and security will be provided by staff who will conduct patrols and collect data on their behavior and health, according to the Foundation.

Construction work on her home is almost complete, with a canal serving as a natural border. 
The Foundation said they continue to accept donations to build Alba’s new forest-island home. The funds will be used to build feeding platforms and security posts. To donate, head to the BOS Foundation’s website.