Raymond 'Shrimp Boy' Chow pleads not guilty to revised indictment

SAN FRANCISCO (KTVU) - The attorney for Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow on Thursday told a federal magistrate enough is enough.

The onetime gang leader- along with suspended state senator Leland Yee and San Francisco lobbyist Keith Jackson - are at the center of a sprawling, five-year undercover investigation that includes allegations of bribes, money laundering and drug and weapon trafficking.

Chow faces more than 160 counts of money laundering and has been jailed 11 months without bail.

His lawyer said that's not fair. "They're basically free. Compared to my client, Keith Jackson and Leland Yee, they can go see their families and they can do things and prepare their defense," said attorney Curtis Briggs. "My client's stuck in jail and there's the least amount of evidence against anybody is against my client."

But Yee is now facing new charges, with an updated indictment alleging the state senator conspired in 2013 to sell his votes on two bills.

One limited workers' compensation claims by professional athletes. The other dealt with the regulation of kickboxing, mixed martial arts, and Ultimate Fight Championship events in California.

Opening statements in Yee's trial are set for June 22nd. Briggs said he plans to file motions for bail and trial date to get Chow out of federal custody and before a jury as soon as possible.

"I feel as the jury's going to hear this and we can get an acquittal because there's so little evidence against him," said Briggs.