Report: Reverend Cecil Williams stepping down at GLIDE

Reverend Cecil Williams, co-founder of GLIDE, is stepping away from the church he helped cultivate 60 years ago, according to a report from the San Francisco Chronicle.

The 93-year-old penned a letter to GLIDE staff where he expressed that he now wants to focus on his family and health.

"The essence of GLIDE begins and ends with love. … It is time for me to evolve, it is time for GLIDE to continue to evolve. We have gone through so much and come out strong, ready to keep building," Williams said in the letter obtained by the Chronicle.

Williams accepted the position of pastor in 1963 and turned GLIDE toward activism while growing the congregation to 10,000 people over the years.

He retired as pastor in 2000, but continued to serve as Minister of Liberation and CEO of the GLIDE Foundation.

Williams co-founded GLIDE Memorial Church with his late wife and social justice activist Janice Mirikitani.