Reports: Explosion causes fire at home where man held wife hostage

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An explosion resulted in a large fire at the home of a man who reportedly held his wife hostage.  

The North Haven Police Department in Connecticut responded to a report of a barricaded subject in the 300 block of Quinnipiac Avenue early Wednesday evening, according to FOX 61.

Neighbors at the scene told reporters they heard the explosion, which shook houses nearby.

North Haven First Selectman Michael Freda later said the barricaded man, named John, was holding his wife hostage, possibly "for days."

Freda told a reporter with FOX 61, a building behind the man's residence was possibly booby-trapped to explode. When SWAT officers approached the building, it blew up.

Freda said six officers were hurt and were in stable condition.

A large fire continued to burn hours after the first explosion, leaving much of the area covered in ash. Other explosions could be heard as the fire continued to burn.

Police told reporters the road was closed due to an ongoing situation but did not release more details.