Respected judge and San Jose police auditor to retire

Recognized as a trailblazer not only as the first female African-American judge in Northern California but as a pioneer when it comes to police reforms and accountability, Judge LaDoris Cordell has announced she's retiring as the City of San Jose's independent police auditor.

Judge Cordell said it would be an understatement to say there was tension between the police and the community when she became the independent police auditor in 2010.

"I valued her insight, perspective and partnership," Esquivel said.

There is one recommendation she made that she wishes San Jose Police would follow but hasn't: mandatory and current training for all officers when dealing with the mentally ill.

"San Jose has had a history," said Cordell. "There have been shootings of people who were mentally ill who are dead. There's been an outcry from folks in these communities."

She hopes her successor will works toward that and bring as much energy as she did.

"It's my hope and my belief that I'm leaving this job and leaving this office in a better place than when I found it," said Cordell.

Judge Cordell now plans to write a memoir and focus on her other passions music and art. Her last day will be July 3.