Restaurant worker offers kidney to stranger in need of donor

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A Houston man is getting a second chance at life, thanks to a complete stranger who answered his call for help at a restaurant drive-thru.

Steven Stockton lost both of his legs to diabetes and without a new kidney, he's at risk of losing his life. 

So in their desperate search for a kidney donor his wife covered the family's SUV with messages about their situation, also urging people to become organ donors.

Then one day, during a visit to a drive-thru Chinese restaurant, one of the workers there-- a complete stranger saw the messages and told Stockton's wife that she wanted to help.

"I came in through the front door and I went straight to the drive-thru and I said, 'Your husband needs a kidney?' She goes, 'Yes.' And I said, 'I'll do it,'" Melinda Cavazos said. 

"I want everybody to know how it is to walk your child down the aisle, you know, everything. He deserves it," Cavazos continued.

The Houston father has been blown away by this selfless act from a complete stranger. "Somebody that's willing to give me life so that I can be here with them for longer, it's just awe-inspiring," he said. 

The two have since learned that Cavazos is a match. She is required to clear a few more tests before doctors can go forward with the surgery, which they hope will happen by July.

They were strangers not long ago, and now Cavazos and Stockton say they're forever linked and call each other family. 

"From here on out, I consider best of friends and just like a sister," Stockton said bringing tears to Cavazos's eyes. 

The feeling's mutual from his future donor. 

"Once I give him my kidney, he's stuck with me and I'm family. You hear that, Steven!  We're gonna be family!" Cavazos joked.