Richmond District gets 'love letter' on wall of abandoned building

"It essentially was just a heart and some marker pens and an invitation to say something," explained Frank Kieliger, who lives near the corner of 23rd Avenue and California Street.

The blue wall in his neighborhood is now covered with words filled with hopes, dreams and love.

"It says something about community. It says something about belonging. It says something about not defacing," said Kieliger.

On the wall there are three words: "Before I die..." People have been adding to the wall to finish the sentence.

"I think it's pretty interesting seeing all these people writing down what they want to do before they die," said Joey Nonomura as he walked home from school with his sister. "Before I die, I'll be a superhero, because my dad's a firefighter."

Some of the thoughts are light-hearted.

"I was going to say spend it with Justin Timberlake, but now that seems silly," laughed Kate Morris. "Now that seems really silly that everyone has such really good things!"

Some of the sentiments are serious, wanting to help a homeless person, or a son.

"Before I die, I want to see my autistic son thrive," Peter Finch said. "Yeah, that's kinda what I want."

"I think people's energies come together and that's how you can create really great things," said Morris. "I feel lucky that it's a neighborhood that we all want to communicate through love and happiness."

Where else can you get sage advice on a street corner?

"Before we die?" Kieliger asked himself. "Live!"