Richmond elementary students hold 'walk in' on gun reform

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Students and teachers at one Richmond elementary school staged a “walk in” on Friday to call on gun reform, meaning they walked in to class at the start of the day making their feelings known through signs that read "Bullets are not school supplies."

Teachers and union representatives say the students at Verde Elementary School who live in north Richmond have experienced hearing gunfire in their neighborhoods and this is a way to address violence without instilling fear in the children. 

Having a "walk in," where they don't leave campus but talk about gun violence in class instead, is their way of participating in the National Day of Action against gun violence in schools scheduled on the 19th anniversary of the Columbine High School mass shooting. 

Demetrio Gonzalez, president of the United Teachers of Richmond, said three students from Richmond were shot off campus a week ago in gang-related violence.

“The trauma goes back into school the next day," Gonzales said. “These students hear shootings every night...they can use their voice.”

The teacher's union says bullets are not school supplies. and the union opposes arming teachers and 
rallies for lawmakers to take action to end gun violence and protect students. 
After walking into campus, teachers are holding discussions with their individual classrooms about gun violence.