Richmond PD offer $10k reward for park ranger's rare coin theft

Richmond Police is offering a $10,000 reward to find the person who stole a rare coin from one of their residents. 

Back in June, 94-year-old Betty Reid Soskin's coin, given to her by President Barack Obama was stolen during a brutal home invasion.  But looking at the smile on her face now you'd never know it happened. 

"The amount of support served to be so affirming that I think all traces of the home intrusion are gone," says Soskin.  An intruder broke into Soskin's home stealing her electronics and the presidential coin.  Since then she's received cards and gifts from all over the country. 
Each day Soskin writes thank you letters to those who sent her gifts.  Her favorite is a mug that says iron woman. That comes from the iron Soskin armed herself with in case the intruder would strike her again. 

But Soskin says her hope has been restored.  Last month she received a replacement coin and a letter from the President. 

"It says I was deeply sadden to hear everything you've been through recently and wanted to extend my warmest regards and send you a new challenge coin," says Soskin. 

At first she didn't want a replacement coin, because the original meant so much to her.  Since President Obama gave it to her personally.  But now she says having this letter from President Obama himself makes the new coin special.  Soskin says she's now on a positive journey to normalcy. 

She no longer sleeps with the lights on just one way it shows how safe she feels. 
"It means my space was invaded but not stolen from me. I've been able to remain in my apartment, in my community," says Sokin. 

To make her feel even more at ease, Bay Alarm has outfitted Soskin's apartment with a state of the art alarm system

The cost, nothing!  A company spokesman says after hearing Soskin's story on KTVU they reached out to Richmond Police Department. 

"It's the least we can do and Betty is such an important part of our community. At Bay Alarm community is important to us," says Bay Alarm spokesman Stewert Heredia.  "We can't do this alone. It takes a community to make this place a safe place to live. I think Betty now feels a lot safer," says Richmond Police Lt. Felix Tan. 

On the day the system was installed Richmond's mayor also stopped by showing his support for the company's generosity.

"They've put a wonderful world class security system in this house. It's the safest place in Richmond and we appreciate that," says Richmond Mayor Tom Butt.  "In Richmond I have really found a home.  I can't imagine being anywhere else," says Soskin.